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Accabadora – Michela Murgia

A book that is not left behind, it swallows Accabadora by Michela Murgia, the story breaks the breath of emotion. Nothing shouted, the vibrations of this book are like the Sardinian people: tenacious, mysterious, whispered, penetrating and indelible. The style of the Murgia? I fell in love with it immediately on the third line, it is evocative without ever falling into rhetoric, it is powerful but never celebrates itself. The story that Accabadora tells us manages to impose us with the silences and the doors left open, an original reflection (as it comes) on the themes of the biological testament and euthanasia. Accabadora is a recurring figure in the stories of Sardinia, from the Spanish acabar, to terminate, the historically uncertain figure of a woman who brought death to people so sick that she wanted to die, asking her directly, or for them the family.

If it is true that the land speaks of who owns it, the hills of the countryside of Soreni were a complicated matter

Tzia Bonaria is older, well-off, and takes Maria, the daughter of a large family, with her. The note the first time when he sees her stealing in a shop, “the faults, like people, begin to exist if someone notices”, so Bonaria decides to have her at home and her mother agrees. The country speaks and shouts about the old woman and the girl who grows up with the seamstress with opportunities she would never have had. It is the border between life and death which will be decisive, however, in the unique and special relationship between the two. A book that is not forgotten.

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