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Book Reviews and plot of books: novelties and classics. In this section of the blog you can find ideas for interesting readings with opinions on the most interesting editorial proposals of the moment.

Book Reviews and plot of the novels: bestsellers, debuts, classics. Novels of all kinds for adults and adolescents. This category of the bog collects the opinions on the books new releases and not only, with a particular attention to the proposals of the contemporary publishing


Sealskin, a magic book by Sue Bristow

The storm lashes the night, the sea gives and punishes, a legend comes to us in a poignant and evocative novel: Sealskin by Sue Bristow, a review to be written in the waves (foaming) of emotion. There are many...

Normal People – Sally Rooney

"I love you", he had said so without even lowering the volume of the radio, with the naturalness of ineluctable things, Normal people of Sally Rooney make us suffer, get angry, travel on emotions. A book that ...