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Book Reviews and plot of books: novelties and classics. In this section of the blog you can find ideas for interesting readings with opinions on the most interesting editorial proposals of the moment.

Book Reviews and plot of the novels: bestsellers, debuts, classics. Novels of all kinds for adults and adolescents. This category of the bog collects the opinions on the books new releases and not only, with a particular attention to the proposals of the contemporary publishing


Fratello Grande – Mahir Guven

There are books that know the truth, Mahir Guven's Big Brother is one of them. What does the truth taste like? It is sour, bitter, surprising, it makes your nose sparkle like when you drink a glass of soda. It...

Il party – Elizabeth Day

Power, resentment and secrets in the novel The Elizabeth Day party. An English book to the core, which already on the black and white cover with the polished shoes and the rhinestones of the sandals, leads us ...

More than words – Jill Santopolo

A young woman who grew up according to the expectations of others, in a road of certainties that reveal themselves to be lies: review of the novel More than words by Jill Santopolo published by Editrice Nord. ...

Accabadora – Michela Murgia

A book that is not left behind, it swallows Accabadora by Michela Murgia, the story breaks the breath of emotion. Nothing shouted, the vibrations of this book are like the Sardinian people: tenacious, mysterio...

Brand New Ancients – Kate Tempest

"Focus, now", Brand new ancients are the boys on the street, the only man behind the tarnished window, the woman walking thinking about the courage it takes to move forward: they are the gods, we are, told by ...

Machines like me – Ian McEwan

"I can't intervene on my feelings. You must grant me my feelings ". An android aware but without unconsciousness dominated by a perfect logic, too much compared to the unpredictable mistake of the human being....

The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Anxiety is the minimum, heaviness was the coup de grace: I get rid of possible misunderstandings to tell you that I didn't like the acclaimed novel The Seven Deaths by Evelyn Hardcastle, but I appreciated Stua...