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Il canto dell’usignolo, la saga degli Otori di Lian Hearn

Lian Hearn’s Nightingale Song is the first book of the Otori saga that returns to Italy thanks to editions and / or. There is something poignant and mysterious in Japanese culture, a subtle patina that hides sighs. What novel is this? I found it exposed in the fantasy section, although it really is but outside the box in which we are used to reasoning. There are no elves, dwarves or witches, let alone vampires, the story of Takeo is set in a Japan out of time but with a medieval atmosphere. Lian Hearn first in London and then in Australia, however, has cultivated a passion for Japan for years, studying the language and traveling a lot. Thus the story of the Otori was born. The young Takeo comes from a community devoted to non-violence among lords in perpetual war. His people are slaughtered by the Tohan clan and Takeo is saved thanks to the noble Shigeru of the Otori clan who will take him to his home, among the battles for power. In this new life in which the boy takes the name of Takeo who gives him his savior, he will discover that he has extraordinary powers and also love. A novel that can be read with curiosity, abandoning itself to the colors of a world that appears far away.

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