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La memoria di Babel L’Attraversaspecchi – Christelle Dabos

The fourth volume has a red cover, so at least I saw around the web, I hope I’m not wrong, in the meantime we talk about the third, I speak of the Attraversaspecchi saga, The memory of Babel, of Christelle Dabos of editions e/o. I’m late with the reviews, so this is a cold comment, but maybe it’s better that way. Pages are settled, impressions too. We subvert the order of my habits, getting out of the box is good, so I start from the final judgment: I liked this book more than the other two. I see, hear, smell, contrasted opinions as it is right that it is all the more so on fantasy sagas, as a fan of the genre, so I say it with conviction, Babel’s memory has its own stylistic maturity and narrative structure without losing the freshness that made this unique work of the Dabos. Yes because it is definitely a little classifiable fantasy, it does not fish in existing cosmogonies, it creates a complete universe, like it or not, it is so. The weak point for me remains the same that I identified from the dawn of the story of Ophelia, a general sense of incompleteness of history, few emotional vibrations at least for those used to even young adult fantasy. But Attraversaspecchi introduces us to two incredibly protagonist protagonists, at least for the stereotype of the novels, and this is enough to embellish the adventures of the world of the Arche. Ophelia and Thorn, she is awkward, not particularly handsome, he is an affective one to make Mr. Darcey look pale. He would have liked Jane, I’m sure. However, the memory of Babel begins after two years and seven months the end of the events of the previous book. Ofelia is back on her ark, Anima, where she can hardly bear not to act. Finally there is the opportunity, so armed with a false identity, the discoveries on the Book of Faruk and what he learned from God, he arrives at Babel. The change of scenery compared to the previous books is strong. Babel is a modern and cosmopolitan ark, here Ophelia who is on Thorn’s trail will have to learn from scratch and at the same time exploit his abilities in the smartest possible way. And to think that we had left Anima, some time before, to marry a stranger in the distant and biting cold.

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